Sticky Mouse Traps

Adaline Michael
10 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the best sticky mouse traps available in the market! If you’re tired of trying to remove sticky mouse traps that have been forgotten in corners for months, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at various options that work efficiently and ensure clean removal effortlessly. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect sticky mouse trap for your needs!

The Top 9 Best Sticky Mouse Traps

  1. Catchmaster Rat, Mouse, & Snake Sticky Glue Traps — Catchmaster Mouse Glue Traps: Versatile, Non-Toxic, and Child Safe Solution for Pest Control.
  2. Mouse Glue Trap Board — Effective and Pet-Safe Pest Control Solution — The Trapper LTD Mouse/Insect Glue Boards Case (72 Boards) provides pet-safe, non-toxic solutions for capturing pests such as mice, roaches, and spiders.
  3. Kingman Prime Extra Large Sticky Cardboard Rat Mouse Rodent Traps — Kingman Prime Sticky Cardboard Glue Traps: Extra-large, eco-friendly, and flexible design for maximum pest capture efficiency, perfect for indoor spaces and safe for all environments.
  4. LULUCATCH Super Heavier Sticky Mouse Traps (12 Pack) for Mice and Snakes — Catch larger rodents with ease using the LULUCATCH 12 pack of non-toxic glue-based mouse and snake traps, perfect for indoor use with a safer alternative to traditional traps.
  5. BLACK+DECKER Heavy Duty Sticky Snake Traps for Rodents — Eliminate invasive pests with BLACK+DECKER’s Heavy-Duty Rat, Mouse & Snake Glue Traps — the safe and effective solution for rodents, insects, and more.
  6. Max-Catch Sticky Mouse Traps for Rodents and Insects — Catchmaster Max-Catch Glue Traps offer hassle-free pest control with a non-toxic, mess-free design, ready to use indoors, and backed by 40+ years of use by pest control professionals.
  7. Large Sticky Mouse & Insect Traps for Pest Control — (12 Traps) Large Super Sticky Glue Mouse & Insect Traps offer non-toxic, all-season pest control for a variety of unwanted guests, including rats, mice, and even snakes, leaving you with peace of mind in your home or business.
  8. ELEGENZO Sticky Mouse Trap: Versatile Indoor Capture for Pesky Rodents — Effectively trap a variety of pests with ELEGENZO’s large, strong, and eco-friendly sticky mouse traps, making your home a cleaner and safer environment for all.
  9. Wanqueen Non-Toxic Sticky Mouse Trap for Home and Family — Sticky Mouse Trap Rat Traps: Easy-to-use, peanut-scented, lightweight, safe, and long-lasting mice and rat traps for home and all applications.

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Catchmaster Rat, Mouse, & Snake Sticky Glue Traps

These Catchmaster glue traps are a non-toxic and child-safe option for catching rodents and reptiles. The traps are disposable and come in read-to-use packs of two.

Users praise the traps for being easy to use and effective in catching mice and rats. They also mention that the traps are ideal for areas where poisons or spring traps are not suitable. However, some users have had issues with the traps sticking together and being unusable, which can be frustrating.

Overall, the Catchmaster glue traps are a popular choice for those looking for a humane and convenient pest control solution.

Mouse Glue Trap Board — Effective and Pet-Safe Pest Control Solution

I recently tried the Trapper LTD Mouse/Insect Glue Boards, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my attempts to keep my home pest-free. The package comes with 72 glue boards, which is more than enough to cover common entry points for mice and insects. The traps target pests such as mice, insects, and spiders, and they’re non-poisonous, making them a safe option for my cat-friendly home.

The glue boards are easy to place and remove, so I can swap them out regularly without any mess. While they’re pet safe thanks to vegetable oil that dissolves the glue if needed, I still make sure to use them in areas out of reach for pets and kids to prevent tampering. Overall, I’m impressed with the Trapper LTD Mouse/Insect Glue Boards and will definitely continue using them to keep my home pest-free.

Kingman Prime Extra Large Sticky Cardboard Rat Mouse Rodent Traps

The Kingman Prime Sticky Cardboard Rat Mouse Rodent Glue Trap is an Extra Large size solution, providing 144 traps for efficient pest control. With each trap measuring 8.81 inches wide and 13.5 inches high, these traps offer an extra-large trapping area for maximum hold, making them perfect for tackling pest infestations in various settings. The cardboard construction of these traps is eco-friendly, while the odorless, professional strength adhesive ensures a strong and reliable grip on pests.

Setting up these traps is simple — fold, customize, and position them as needed for optimal capture. These traps can be used in dry locations indoors, such as homes, kitchens, offices, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, and hard-to-reach areas. With a focus on safety, these non-toxic traps are easy to use and offer a flexible design that suits various needs.

When it’s time to dispose of the traps, they can be thrown away without any messy cleanup. The Kingman Prime Sticky Cardboard Rat Mouse Rodent Glue Trap provides maximum hold and ease of cleanup, making it a great choice for dealing with mice, rats, insects, and other pests. Users can enhance their pest control by baiting the traps, placing them in high-traffic pest locations, and using multiple traps simultaneously for improved results.

LULUCATCH Super Heavier Sticky Mouse Traps (12 Pack) for Mice and Snakes

As someone who’s had my fair share of rodent visitors, I can confidently say that these LULUCATCH Super Heavier Mouse Traps are a game-changer. Their larger and sturdier design is impressive; it’s clear that these traps are built to handle larger rodents. The non-toxic super glue is a smart addition, not only ensuring that the rodents stay trapped, but also making sure it’s safe for my family and pets.

However, there’s always room for improvement. Despite their strength, the traps still require a bit of finesse to set up properly. And while the larger size does make it easier to trap pesky intruders, it can also be a bit unwieldy. Nevertheless, LULUCATCH has managed to make a reliable mouse trap that’s both effective and safe, and I’m grateful for that.

BLACK+DECKER Heavy Duty Sticky Snake Traps for Rodents

Introducing the Sticky Snake Traps for all your pest control needs! BLACK+DECKER’s Heavy-Duty Mouse Traps offer an eco-friendly solution for combating rodents and insects, including dangerous spiders and snakes. With their ultra-sticky adhesive surface, these extra-large glue boards eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals, repellants, or bait.

This versatile trap is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a must-have for homeowners. Say goodbye to unwanted intruders with BLACK+DECKER’s Traps and welcome a peacefully pest-free home.

Max-Catch Sticky Mouse Traps for Rodents and Insects

Experience hassle-free pest control with Catchmaster’s Ready-to-Use Glue Traps, designed to trap spiders, rodents, and insects. These traps eliminate the need for additional bait, making them convenient and easy to deploy.

One outstanding feature is the non-allergenic peanut scent, ensuring safety for family use. The non-toxic and no-mess design ensures effectiveness even in damp or humid areas. The traps can be used anywhere indoors in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings to catch unwanted pests and insects.

However, the adhesive may require additional caution as it is made specifically for pest control professionals and can be strong.

These ready-to-use glue traps are a reliable choice for pest management in any environment. Overall, they offer a mess-free, non-toxic solution to managing rodents and insects, which can be especially useful in households with children or pets.

Large Sticky Mouse & Insect Traps for Pest Control

These “(12 Traps) Large Super Sticky Mouse & Insect Traps” are a fantastic pest control solution for households and businesses. The traps, featuring Blue-Touch glue, are perfect for catching a variety of pests like mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, and flies.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them suitable for all seasons. Users praise their effectiveness and reliability, with some mentioning that they’re well-sized for covering pest-prone areas.

However, others point out that they may not be as efficient for some insects. Overall, these traps provide a no-poison, environmentally friendly way to tackle pest problems.

ELEGENZO Sticky Mouse Trap: Versatile Indoor Capture for Pesky Rodents

Elegenzo’s Sticky Mouse Trap is a game-changer when it comes to dealing with pesky creatures like rats, mice, spiders, and even snakes. It’s a large 47x11 inch beast that effectively traps larger rats, while not being too messy or complicated to use. Its strong adhesive ensures that it catches a whopping 99% of the time.

What I really love about this trap is how versatile it is. It can be placed almost anywhere — in your kitchen, office, bedroom, garden, or even in sensitive areas where rodenticides or snap traps are out of bounds. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, made of eco-friendly materials and safe to use even in households with kids and pets.

However, there were a couple of misses too. The trap is a bit heavy-duty and doesn’t come in smaller sizes, which might be a problem for those seeking a more discrete solution. Also, it can be a bit tricky to clean after use, especially if the trapped creature isn’t immediately disposed of.

Overall, Elegenzo’s Sticky Mouse Trap is a solid choice for anyone looking for a humane yet effective way to deal with unwanted pests. Just remember to place it strategically and handle it with care.

Wanqueen Non-Toxic Sticky Mouse Trap for Home and Family

Introducing our innovative solution for mouse control — a set of 10 sticky mouse traps! Designed for easy use and maximum effectiveness, these traps come pre-baited with a delightful peanut scent that lures in rodents without relying on traditional food baits.

The lightweight, glue-based traps can be placed in the corners of walls and other hard-to-reach areas, increasing their chances of capturing mice. They are perfect for use in homes, restaurants, warehouses, and industrial areas where pesticides might not be preferred and can even work in damp and humid environments. Each trap measures 26*14.5*2.6cm and is non-toxic, ensuring safety for families and pets.

To use, simply separate the traps, place them in areas where rodents frequent, and dispose of them after use, or clean with mineral oil. Perfect for rodents and insects alike, these versatile traps can be your go-to solution for a pest-free environment.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for sticky mouse traps! This section will provide valuable information on the features, considerations, and advice for using sticky mouse traps effectively. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of what to look for when selecting a sticky mouse trap and how to use it successfully.

Important Features of Sticky Mouse Traps

When selecting a sticky mouse trap, consider the following features:

  1. The adhesive strength, ensuring it can hold onto small rodents without them escaping. 2. The trap’s size and design, which should accommodate various rodent sizes and prevent them from slipping off. 3. The material used for the trap, preferably a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand harsh conditions.

Considerations for Using Sticky Mouse Traps

When using sticky mouse traps, keep the following considerations in mind:

  1. Place the trap in areas with high rodent traffic, such as near food sources or entry points. 2. Ensure that the trap is secure and won’t be easily disturbed by pets or children. 3. Check the trap regularly for caught rodents and ensure that they do not suffer unnecessarily.

General Advice for Using Sticky Mouse Traps

Here are some general tips for using sticky mouse traps:

  1. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before use. 2. Use gloves when handling the traps to avoid skin irritation from the adhesive. 3. Dispose of caught rodents humanely and consider implementing other rodent control measures to prevent future infestations.

FAQs about Sticky Mouse Traps

Sticky mouse traps may raise some questions. Here are some common FAQs:

  1. How long does it take for a rodent to get stuck? It depends on the trap’s adhesive, but it generally takes a few seconds for the rodent to lose its grip. 2. Can I use sticky mouse traps outdoors? Yes, but choose a trap designed for outdoor use and place it in areas that are less accessible to pets and children.


Just how efficient are sticky mouse traps at capturing those pesky mice?

Sticky mouse traps are renowned for their effectiveness in catching mice. They work by utilizing a sticky surface to lure the mouse into stepping onto it with all four paws, thereby trapping it in place. Once the mouse is caught, it often becomes unable to escape, ensuring efficient trapping. Some sticky mouse traps are even reusable, making them more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

But, are sticky mouse traps safe for our furry and small friends?

Sticky mouse traps can be safe for pets and small animals if used wisely. However, it is essential to place them in areas that are not easily accessible to domestic animals, such as garages, sheds, or other secure locations. If a pet or small animal comes into contact with a sticky mouse trap, promptly clean their fur to prevent any adhesive residue from causing them discomfort or damage. Additionally, opt for non-toxic and eco-friendly adhesives in sticky mouse traps to minimize the risk of harm to pets and small animals in case of accidental contact.

Now, what’s the best way to dispose of a mouse caught in a sticky mouse trap?

When disposing of a mouse caught in a sticky mouse trap, adhere to proper hygiene precautions and avoid direct contact with the trapped mouse. Use a gardening glove or similar protective handle to remove the mouse from the trap. Carefully dispose of the dead mouse in a sealed plastic trash bag, placed inside a trash can with a secure lid, or by burying it in a shallow hole in your garden. Ensure that the area where the sticky trap was initially placed remains clean and hygienic.

Proper cleaning and storage of sticky mouse traps are also essential. Why?

Regular cleaning of the sticky surface of mouse traps is crucial to prevent attracting additional pests or odors. Use a soft brush or sponge to remove any debris, hair, or dirt. A mild soap solution is generally safe to use, but always check the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid damaging the materials or voiding the warranty. After cleaning, allow the trap to dry completely before repositioning it. This process may differ depending on the type of adhesive used, so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal drying.

But, are sticky mouse traps safe for outdoor use?

Yes, sticky mouse traps are generally safe for outdoor use. Place them in areas such as sheds, garages, or near buildings to control mice populations. Always position traps in discrete locations where they will not pose a danger to wildlife or become easily noticeable. Regular cleaning and proper storage, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, will ensure that the sticky mouse traps continue to function effectively while also providing a safe environment for the targeted mice and any nearby wildlife.

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